Help with Fixing New laptop with Win10 pre-installed won't activate Error

Asked by Customers:
Hi there. I'm hopeful you can help me with my problem.

I recently purchased a new MSI laptop with Windows 10 Home Edition already installed. I asked the authorized re-seller to perform a clean Windows installation so as not to have to deal with bloatware.

When my laptop arrived, I skipped the activation step when I first booted it up - I didn't have a disk or email receipt with the product key, after all, and from what I understand, with Windows 10 manufacturers no longer put a sticker on the device with the product key. Then I started getting nag messages telling me Windows wasn't activated. When I went to Settings, it said that my product key is already in use by another PC. Any attempts to "change product key" result in freezing the Settings window, and I have to go to the Task Manager to end the task.

I have been working with both MSI and the re-seller to try to figure out how to fix this, but it's taking some time and I'm getting impatient... and therefore, I have been researching on my own as well. But it would seem that the re-seller messed up the clean installation, possibly by using an incorrect version of Windows, such as Professional.

My laptop did not arrive with a Windows disk. I have 2 drives - a small SSD on which Windows is installed, and a large secondary hard drive. Disk management is showing a recovery partition on both drives, but they have 100% free space.

So, I have many questions, but these are my 2 big ones:
1. Can I use the OEM key to get Windows to activate? I found a utility to show the key, and instructions on Microsoft's website to activate Windows with a different product key using command prompts.
2. Or would it be better to reset the PC? Will that pickup with original product key, instead of the one the re-seller used? I'm concerned that I'll be prompted to put my Windows disk or recovery disk in, of which I have neither.

I'm not so impatient that I'm going to make any changes on my own without authorization from MSI and the re-seller. But I would appreciate your input. Thanks!

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3. Double click Setup files complete SmartPCFixer installation process.

4. Choose the language of your country.

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Solve New laptop with Win10 pre-installed won't activate Issues On Your Own.

In fact, to fix New laptop with Win10 pre-installed won't activate error, doing a system restore is really smart and effective.

1. Click "Start", Type "System Restore" in the searching box, then choose system restore as the pictures below.

2. Click "Next", and follow the instruction to restore your PC.

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